Tapas Glossary

  • BOMBAS Fried potato or meat balls rolled in breadcrumbs, accompanied by sauces.
  • CABRILLAS A variety of big edible snails.
  • CATALANES A toasted slice of bread with ham, tomato and pepper.
  • COSTALERO Egg, bacon and chorizo over a slice of bread.
  • FLAMENQUINES Meat, ham and cheese rolls cooked in breadcrumbs.
  • GABARDINAS Prawns fried in batter.
  • GLORIA Minced chorizo without guts in a bread roll.
  • INFIERNO A bread roll with grilled meat or ham.
  • MONAGUILLO Fried bread with hard-boiled egg, accompanied by ketchup and mayonnaise.
  • NIDOS Sandwich with a fried egg.
  • PIPIRRANA Salad with tomatoes, tuna, spring onions, hard-boiled egg and olive oil.
  • PUNTILLITAS Fried baby squids, also named chopitos.
  • PURGATORIO A bread roll with prickled pork.
  • ROMERITO Hamburger with a steak cooked in breadcrumbs and salmorejo.
  • SERRANITO Ham and pork accompanied by chips or omelette, pepper and meat.
  • TALEGA Cod with bread and olive oil.
  • TESORO Hard-boiled egg fried in batter with seafood béchamel sauce.
  • TOCINILLO Grilled bacon.

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