Bullfighting Package Tour

Following the legend of Manolete” is a package tour whose aim is to discover the bullfighting memories in Linares, learn about the legendary story of the matador Manuel Rodríguez –who was fatally injured in St Margarita’s bullring– and the exciting art of breeding fighting bulls in their natural habitat. The itinerary starts with the illustration of the origin of bullfighting in humanity. In El Pósito Linares Museum there’s a space called “Linares, Leyenda del toreo (Linares, legend of bullfighting)” where visitors can experiment the emotions of this art from the front rows of St Margarita’s bullring and get to know the most representative bullfighters of Linares.

Afterwards, visitors are transported to the afternoon of 28th August, 1947. In St Margarita’s bullring you can walk in the arena, go through the courtyard for horses and visit the chapel where a commemorative mass is performed in memory of Manolete.

The Marquises of Linares’ Hospital is the next stop in the bullfighting route. This former mining hospital was built with a neogothic style between 1904 and 1917. It was there where, the day after the goring, Manuel Rodríguez “Manolete” died and his legend was born.

Nowadays, the memory of the matador is still alive in “El Lagartijo” Tavern-Museum, which is a must for tauromachy lovers. A unique place, with an exceptional atmosphere where a considerable amount of documents and personal belongings related to Manolete is exhibited.

The itinerary ends in the historic “The Marchioness” Villa. Visitors are given the opportunity to learn about the fighting bull in its natural habitat. The purpose of this activity is to get a closer look at the breeding of the fighting bull and make visitors understand that the bullfighting festivity is just another stage in the life of this animal.



Departure from the city of origin. Arrival in Linares. Check in, dinner and accommodation.


Breakfast at the hotel. Afterwards, accompanied by a guide, visit to the City Interpretation Centre at El Pósito, an emblematic building from the 18th century. Here, the famous singer Raphael Museum can also be found. The route goes on towards the Marquises of Linares’ Hospital, a museum related to mining diseases and the place where Manolete died. Lunch at Tavern-Museum “El Lagartijo”. In the evening, visit to St Margarita’s Bullring –where the bullfighter from Córdoba was fatally injured by the bull Islero–, completed with a small route called “Manolete’s Linares”. Tapas route around the city during which there will be a visit to a flamenco club (*).


Breakfast at the hotel. Visit to a property, rode on an all-terrain vehicle and special tows driven by the farmer. There will also be a visit to all the spaces dedicated to the breeding of the bull in its natural habitat. At the end, there will be an extra virgin olive oil tasting session.
Lunch at a restaurant. Return journey to the city of origin.

(*) Optionally, the visit to the flamenco club could include a flamenco evening with a tasting session of typical products.

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