Audio Guided Route

Linares offers you a fantastic audio guided experience. Three routes around the city and its heritage will give you a closer look at other eras so you can learn about the urban and monument evolution of the city, its origins and the heritage left by its important mining past.

Audio guides are available in two languages (Spanish and English) and include maps and earphones. Ask for it at El Pósito Tourist Office and start living the experience.


    Distance: 3 kilometres.
    Duration: 4 hours. Difficulty: low.

    The route invites us to complete a journey through the history of Linares, going through its streets with important and remarkable people such as the architect Andrés de Vandelvira, the British vice-consul Thomas Sopwith, the musician Andrés Segovia or Mr. José de Murga, Marquis of Linares, who narrate anecdotes of the city.


    Distance: 1.5 kilometres.
    Duration: 1 hour. Difficulty: low.

    The route is a journey through the Iberian-Roman city of Cástulo during its golden age, to learn about this culture by means of its main representatives: the Carthaginian general Hannibal and his wife, the Iberian princess Himilce.


    Distance: 1.5 kilometres.
    Duration: 1 hour. Difficulty: low.

    The route begins in the Mining Interpretation Centre to continue it in situ through the landscape itself, among mines and shafts. Its main aim is to make people aware of the amazing mining past of Linares, thanks to people that were part of it: workers in different specialities, owners of the mines, engineers…

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