The gastronomy of Linares constitutes one of the main touristic attractions of the city. The extra virgin olive oil is present in every typical dish from Linares. Some of our culinary specialities are born in the mining golden age of the city.

The city possesses bars, taverns y restaurants which have transformed the tapa in an art of the traditional and avant-garde cuisine. This delight in miniature is always accompanied by the drink and it is served by the bar, tavern or restaurant for free.

Chachepol_LinaresFor the most sweet-toothed fans, the most traditional cake of Linares is the chachepol. It is a cylindrical sponge cake soaked in liqueur. One of its main mates in the table is the sweet wine, although it can also be accompanied by an anise shot.

It is a very typical cake which is characteristic of the cafés of Linares.

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