Cafés with Entertainment

The cafés with entertainment were night pubs where the audience could drink at the same time they enjoyed music shows. For the flamenco world, these cafés meant a transcendental change in the way this art was being transmitted.

In Linares, cafés with entertainments and taverns helped in the consolidation of the taranta singing, since they allowed miners to release their suffering. That meant that the taranta would turn into an emblem of the city centuries later.

Along the years, this singing has been sung by great artists such as Rafael Farina o José Monge Camarón, and by reputed artists from Linares as El Cabrerillo, Gabriel Moreno, Diego Moreno El Personita, Luquitas de Marchena, Manuel Romero –awarded the prestigious lámpara minera (mining lamp)– or the inimitable Carmen Linares.

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